Cold h. cordata

About h. cordata are estimated to have a lot of people are ChiBuLai, taste have a fishy smell so called h. cordata. But h. cordata are diet, medication value of ingredients. The effect of h. cordata has a lot of, such as the spleen, the effect of heat-clearing and detoxifying, etc...

  • H. cordata350 g
  • The onion15 g
  • salt
  • Mature vinegar
  • ginger
  • garlic
  • parsley
  • White sugar
  • Millet pepper
  • Old dopted mother with black bean sauce
  • Taste is very fresh
  • Light soy sauce


H. cordata is rinsed clean, choose into 4 cm. Set aside.


Ingredients to prepare. Onion cut filaments. Garlic, ginger and millet pepper cut inclined circle. Set aside.


Pot add right amount water boil off, down to its blanch the soup.


Out and drain water.


In a container in the cordate houttuynia, pepper, green Onions, garlic, ginger.


Down to just the right amount of salt and sugar.


Put a taste delicious, light soy sauce, then mix well.


Put the old dopted mother with black bean sauce.


Add vinegar, parsley, to serve on the plate.

Cooking techniques

1, I don’t like to eat MSG so he didn’t put. Like to eat monosodium glutamate can be added separately. 2, for not too long, too much of a blanch wasn’t good. 3, parsley can add don’t add.

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