Cocoa creme banana little hedgehog

Traditionally and the north is the surface is the staple food, pasta, natural point has a different love, across the little hedgehog has always been a plastic figure steamed bread, often as a child can see the figure of it during the holiday season, the dongling roast cubic trial, joined himself has been like little hedgehog, use it here in the bread and add cheese and banana stem, give a person a different taste

  • milk75 g
  • salt1 g
  • sugar35 g
  • eggs1
  • butter15 g
  • Whipping cream20 g
  • High flour200 g
  • Cocoa powder5 g
  • yeast3 g
  • Cream cheese
  • Powdered sugar
  • Banana chips


Material into the bread machine, choice against the program


After the dough and good, shut off the machine, let the dough natural fermentation


Cheese at room temperature to soften, add powdered sugar with egg beater sent manually


Send good cheese put next to spare


Observe the status of the dough, poke a hole with his fingers, don’t bounce back around not collapsed, the dough round


Banana chips by hand broken. Set aside


The dough into the same amount of 9, cover with plastic wrap up for 20 minutes


Took out a dough, put a little banana chips, a little cheese and package method is convergent tightening the steamed stuffed bun, convergent downward


Their hands through a pointed shape


In the position of the tip on the two chocolate beans, do the eyes


On the back with the small scissors cut out a hedgehog thorns


Fermentation neatly into the pan, into the oven for 30 minutes


Bake in dongling cubic most lower level, lose 150, 170, under the fire time 25 minutes

Cooking techniques

Plastic small animals dough need wake up hair in place, otherwise it will bounce back, when retraction is cover with plastic wrap and a lot of surface later on

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