Coarse grain porridge

Yesterday friends to play in the home, bring me some of her own, no chemical pesticides of green food, rice bean, red bean and samp, today with these ingredients stayed up the whole pot grains porridge. She said the samp is best children immerse 2 hours in advance to congee, home and have a good helper, supor fresh breath pressure cooker, can save soak time, directly cooked porridge, bean cake, sticky samp. Such grains porridge to drink a bowl of warm dalai in the stomach!

  • Ballastless son50 g
  • Rice bean20 g
  • Red bean20 g
  • Rock sugar20 g
  • Clear water


Prepare ingredients: 50 g stick son samp 20 g, 20 g rice bean, red bean, sugar 20 g;


Stick son samp clean standby;


To clean the glue samp, red beans and rice bean into the supor fresh breath in the pressure cooker;


Add some water;


Choose “grains porridge” supor fresh breath pressure cooker function;


All of them electric pressure cooker pressure display can be turned on when the “green light” pot;


Open the pot, add in rock sugar, using pot of waste heat will melt rock sugar out of the pot;


Cook good grains porridge special soft waxy sticky!

Cooking techniques

Home without a pressure cooker, best first soaking all the ingredients for a minimum of 2 hours, it grains porridge boiled soft rotten viscous more easily!

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