Cherry tomatoes preserved fruit

At first wanted to call the sister blended dry, think later called dried fruit is more suitable.

  • Cherry tomatoes700 g


First the cherry tomatoes soaked with saline water for half an hour, this step is to pesticide ingredients.


After saint GuoLi dry or dry with kitchen paper towel, can also keep the surface drying.


Then all of two and a half


With a small spoon until the middle of the seed. You can not dig, but don’t dig the first it is not easy to dry, the second is baked dried fruit easily rotten.


After all seeded into the pan. I don’t directly with golden stick pan, you are a ordinary pan anti-sticking can lay a layer of the paper. Row of some just as well, because after may bake cherry tomatoes will bounce back.


Oven choose up and down the tube of hot air heating mode, and preheat to 110 degrees, then put the pan in upper-middle-class, bake for about two hours.


It is baked to a state of an hour and a half time, so I continue to bake again more than half an hour, and then put in ventilated place dry for a night, became the final product look like in this picture.

Cooking techniques

1, because no added sugar, and any seasoning, so the dried fruit is plain. Size smaller because water is dry, so eat up dry crispy. Bigger is a little bit adhesional wetting.
2, baking when it is best to hot air circulation patterns, because there is hot air inside the oven can speed up the process of evaporation dried fruits, greatly shorten the drying time. If only use baking mode drying time will be longer. The oven because each person is different, so the dried fruit drying time is different also, you should pay attention to observe.
3, just baked some wet when the fruit is soft, ventilated place dry hours will harden changed, if it’s summer, remember to dry on the surface of a thin gauze covered to prevent mosquito.
Seeds 4, just stressed that in order to better drying and longer shelf life, you can not go. I do not much, so will finished in a minute. If you do more, and want to long-term storage, then find a clean glasswares, pour all virgin preserved fruit, and before all the saints with olive oil and then dried fruit after seal save, 7 to 10 days later. This is the most common oil-immersed saint preserved fruit of practice.
5, the saint preserved fruit besides as snacks, can also be used to make bread or cake of dried fruit ingredients.
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