Cheese control can't miss the original personality taste cheese sauce

The idea comes from an American fast food, cheese fries 】 【 because the hole was crying, so diy tuning, the following recipe is example, seasoning is homely, how do you think how to adjust. Dared ask how much cheese there is controlled by the chips have pit/(ㄒ o ㄒ) / ~ ~

  • Ricos concentrated car play cheese sauce200 g
  • The normal temperature water
  • salt
  • Chili powder


Ready to material, need to use the tools is electric egg beater.


Cheese sauce in room temperature water, salt and chili powder.


With egg beater low-speed mixing evenly.


In the microwave heating box, half open cover over medium heat for 30 seconds.


Then pour on the Fried chicken.


All kinds of flavor


Or a variety of flavor, seasoning are common.

Cooking techniques

1. According to your needs to taste, your favorite seasonings available replacement of cayenne pepper and salt.
2. Stir with egg beater can more evenly, to low-speed mixing oh, otherwise there will be a bubble.
3. The last step of heating can be more fragrant sauce, what I use is the simplest on heating mode is a microwave oven. Do not fall the pot can microwave oven or direct heating.
4. Enlarge recruit: if you really don’t want to heating can replace the normal temperature water with hot water, then stir.

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