Cabbage salty rice

Salty rice of minnan area of Taiwan, was called "antique flavor". In salty food generally seafood, xianggu mushroom, pork belly, and red onion is cannot little, and then add some other vegetables, such as radish, carrot, cabbage (cabbage), etc. What vegetable is called what salty rice.

  • Beautiful grain the p5 rice fragrant flowers200 g
  • fat80 g
  • Red onion80 g
  • Shrimps.30 g
  • Xianggu mushroom12
  • cabbage500 g
  • salt
  • oil


Ready for beautiful grain the p5 rice fragrant flowers.


Clean the cabbage appearance first, and then to tear into small pieces and clean again.


Dried shrimp and dried mushroom is ready in advance, mushroom and cutting; Soak dried shrimp and mushroom water filtration, take the rice’s 1.3 times the amount of the spare.


Fat meat thin, red onion stripped skin, clean up.


A little pour a little oil in the pan, about 10 grams, cold cold pot under red onion oil and fat, stir-fry of fat oil in medium and small fire slowly out, filled out when the red onion yellow, oil in the pan.


The mushrooms and shrimp stir.


Fried cabbage after the fragrance.


After cabbage Fried soft, pull to the side, the elutriation clean to Fried rice. Note: rice without bubble.


Stir a few times to join soaked mushrooms and shrimps in the water, is about 1.3 times of rice.


After the water is boiling add salt to taste, into the electric rice cooker and electric pressure cooker, cooked red onion and fat in the above.


Electric pressure cooker stew rice for 10 minutes, open after decompression, can enjoy double mix well.

Cooking techniques

1. Rice without bubble, which ensures that the rice of the Q.
2. The teacher said that the amount of water in food programs about 1.3 times that of meters, I added some water, the result is a little bad.

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