Author: willis

Afternoon Tea

Baby fingers

Son likes to eat biscuit, cookie recently, are much oil polysaccharide high quantity of heat, this time a change, do a low-glycemic index fingers cookies, no oil baked crisp crisp crisp, raw eggs, les…

Cold Dishes

Sichuan sad bean jelly

Sad bean jelly is one of the sichuan han hakka delicacies, sad bean jelly said there are two solutions: one is living in the town of los with the sichuan HuGuang fill to guangdong hakka homesick when …

Sweet Snacks

Shu she cheese cake

Small classic Mr Teacher shu she cheese cake remedies, really is a super delicious, melt in your mouth. I use the cream cheese is a box of 250 grams, so I on the basis of the original party to do some…

A Vegetarian Diet

Common cold black fungus

Sorching summer, almost every meal to do a very clear Swiss cold dish, such collocation is more to our black fungus is very good food, row poison to raise colour, often eat very healthy. Black fungus …

Shaanxi Snacks


. Yeast after fusion with the warm boiling water, let stand for five minutes, and then added to flour. After a little bit of water, the surface and to the similar to the earlobe. In a warm place to wa…