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The Microwave Oven

The microwave cake

Add 10 grams of sugar, egg yolks 2. Play with the hand mix 3. Add 1/2t of 30 grams of milk and salad oil, with a hand mix 4. Egg liquid mixture with pale white 5. Baking powder and flour mix in advanc…


Braised tofu

Wash the green garlic sprout, stem and leaf were cut into segments, garlic cut into 2. At the end of the cut tofu ChengXiaoDing 3. PI county douban finely chopped 4. Net drain hot pot, add oil, the oi…

Baby's Diet Plan A Baby

Cherry flesh

. Ready to pig tenderloin 2. After the pork cut into 1.5 cm pieces, marinated with a little cooking wine and salt added 5 minutes 3. Dry starch to add a few water stirring into thick starch paste, pou…