Author: tracy


Corn carrots sparerib soup

Haven't drink soup for a long time, when shopping yesterday saw very fresh sweet corn was unbearable, bought two recent heat, might as well to boil a pot of soup with sweet corn to comfort my poor app…

Home Cooking

A person eat hot pot

The weather is cool, a person walking on the way home from work, walk while thinking of a would want to do something delicious, who called the LG is not coming to dinner, alone and really don't want t…

Hot Food

Stir-fried river shrimp

Want more healthy, be sure to eat a little food, like fish, shrimp and small bean grain, etc., this is very beneficial to our health.

A Vegetarian Diet

Halogen chicken

This is probably one of the earliest I learn to do things, with makings is very simple, just put the family standing star anise and cinnamon. Many people said the day before yesterday wrote a pot stew…

A Vegetarian Diet

Dry fry cowpea

1. Wash the beans, it choose the width (cut) can also be extended into the palm, drain water; Dry red pepper cut into section, ginger, garlic piace thenminto, onion into fine 2. Hot pot pour enough oi…