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Home Cooking

The family secret spiced beef

Meat is the highest protein content in animal meat, high protein, low fat, nutrition after fish and shrimp and other seafood. Homely besides, Fried, stew seditious, stuffing, etc., often eat a kind of…

A Vegetarian Diet

Hand bag food

. Wash the cabbage side by hand into appropriate size pieces, snapping to middle thick stem, control as far as possible dry water (2) a cut dried chili, garlic piace thenminto 3. Put the oil in the po…

Soup Porridge

Nanjing duck blood soup

Nanjing duck blood soup fans blossom everywhere, we in addition to eat roast duck, rarely eat duck, don't buy it yourself, always feel the smell of special; Looked at nanjing duck blood vermicelli sou…


Orange apple jam

I seldom made jam, even this time is the third time, see you have a few net friend with the sun to make jam, I'm also a little impulsive, just home a few oranges are not very sweet just like simply co…


Lotus seed tremella soup

Like and tremella soup, boil soup to thick, look will feel full of collagen, lotus seed and jujube on collocation, more comprehensive nutrition, taste better, too. Lotus seeds of high nutritional valu…

A Cake Of Bread

Water drawing toast

Drawing the acme of bread, the perfection of water drawing toast wiredrawing bread, internal organization, perfect drawing effect is remarkable, looks like water down the hole, and thus named water dr…


Minutes ~ butterfly fish

Squid tastes very delicious. Suits to do a lot of dishes. I like delicious too delicate. This recipe, although simple, but save more nutrition and delicious taste. Belong to the well quickly. Zero coo…

Sweet Snacks

Golden potato ball

1. Prepare the required materials, potato peeling slices, into the pot of water steam (steamed when best cover with plastic wrap, lest the potatoes to absorb too much moisture) 2. Steamed potatoes aft…