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Home Cooking

Roasted quail eggs

Small thulium said in front of the programmer is also a love to eat eggs a risk-averse, but with thulium age and occupation, I was trying to control his daily cholesterol intake. Two days before buy v…

Home Cooking

Good bone fungus mushroom soup

All kinds of fungus mushroom big rally, nutritional efficacy with play. Step-down hypoglycemic and calcium supplementation, taste fresh parents love. When they have free soup!!!! Mushrooms but the mos…

A Vegetarian Diet

Cold h. cordata

About h. cordata are estimated to have a lot of people are ChiBuLai, taste have a fishy smell so called h. cordata. But h. cordata are diet, medication value of ingredients. The effect of h. cordata h…


Jade white jade dumpling

Winter solstice is a very important solar term in Chinese lunar calendar, from the han dynasty, sheng in the tang and song dynasty, the phase delay so far. Ancient pays a lot of attention to the winte…

A Vegetarian Diet

Curry Fried small potatoes

Potatoes and curry is itself to match absolutely, potatoes can fully absorb the smell of curry, the rich flavor of the curry play to the extreme. And with a small fire fry the first, and then until so…

Hot Food

Toothpick hairtail

Usually people will hairtail stewed or braised, be careful when eating or fish, especially young children or old man is easy to be tied to the bones. Today, I do the toothpick hairtail, not only don't…

A Vegetarian Diet

Green pepper black bean

Did a green pepper black bean, a super quickly dish, is one of the most simple warmth. Can transform into acid or vinegar, also but I this is not spicy, 10 families will have ten kinds of taste, only …

Hot Food

Kung pao chicken

Kung pao chicken is said to have come from sichuan governor ding baozhen, legend version, there is not much to do, only write about the shaw where the temptation to spicy food. By tender chicken, fres…

Baby's Diet Plan A Baby

Rainbow wonton

1. A: knead dough spinach juiced juicer, mind can fry pressed juice again first. Fried purple amaranth, remove to put in cold water, has been squeezed with the hand, for juice became very red can be f…