Author: shemar_thiel

Pastry Staple Food

Crystal shrimp dumplings

Guangzhou people drink tea must with a steamed shrimp dumplings, that is good shrimp dumplings on cultured skin as white as snow, thin as paper, translucent; Stuffing is faintly visible, fresh sweet t…

Heilongjiang Snacks

The northeast straw hat cake

Straw hat pie is the northeast characteristics snacks, distinct, soft and chewiness, fragrant crisp delicious, such as straw hat. Straw hat bread to eat with layers can be pulled off in my hand, so th…

Home Cooking

Spicy fish bubble

Fish bubble: have you eaten? Seldom eat fish, today saw someone selling fish, and fish bubble is very good, I'm curious ask, bubble fish do? The seller told me the fish bubble of the practice, I just …

Cantonese Cuisine

Bean curd stick ginkgo biloba soup

Bean curd stick ginkgo biloba of preserve one's health of soup is very popular with the cantonese soup, appetizers spleen, ziyin kidney, to wet detumescence. And not dry. The folding of the gas anti-a…

Hot Food

Fried crab

Wash and chop block 1. Put the crabs. Set aside. Oil heat, add a little shredded ginger and cayenne pepper until fragrant, add crab pieces stir-fry. Stir a few crabs after, put a little cooking wine 2…