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Home Cooking

Vegetables pot

. Prepare materials, kelp and vegetarian meat with pure water, clean 2. Fans and black fungus also sacks respectively, wash the sediment standby, hot cabbage slices 3. Tofu cleaning, then sliced, vege…


Fresh pickled Benedict (TongMa menu)

Listed as bamboo shoots, fresh and nutrition. To find a few flavour ingredients sharing, there are also a few pieces of the friends in the day just fridge gold from bacon. Bacon in bamboo shoots = fre…

Home Cooking

Xinjiang KaoNang

Suddenly became interested in the specialty of xinjiang. Called naan is one big characteristic, although it dry are not too popular, but still could not help but want to try one more time. Only know c…

Pastry Staple Food

Homemade GuoKui

Dough: clear water 220 grams, 500 grams of flour dough fermentation: 250 g water, yeast powder 3 grams, 500 grams of flour, another add dry flour amount 1. 250 DE open 3 g yeast powder, warm water to …

A Vegetarian Diet

Oil dementholized three wire

The practice of purple cabbage there are many, today to share with you is a the most simple method of cold, collocation are high nutritional value of vegetables, colorful, and have food therapy effect…

A Vegetarian Diet

Brown sugar rice cakes

Brown sugar rice cakes are a lot of people on the streets of memory of childhood food. The practice of it is not difficult, but the steps don't change, as long as according to the following basic step…