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Cold Dishes

Pot stewed chicken eggs

. Put the egg cooked, boiled egg is very convenient, not only can easily master the maturity of eggs, also can boil the egg yolk eggs in the center of the positive (water boiled with pot boil, put the…

A Vegetarian Diet

Mushrooms cabbage

All say: Chinese cabbage, and tofu. Winter is the most common Chinese cabbage, now life is good, there will be other vegetables in the supermarket, but Chinese cabbage is still a lot of families choos…

Beijing Snacks

Mongolian lamb

. Prepare all the ingredients, with a little eggs for mutton sizing 2. Knives and mutton texture into a ninety degree Angle will be cut off, the taste is so tender, fillet underneath there is a thin o…

Hunan Snack

Hunan oil BaBa sugar

Sugar oil BaBa is the han nationality traditional manufacturer in changsha city, hunan province, sugar, oil BaBa cost cheap, is the main raw material of glutinous rice flour and sugar, it is of the no…

Home Cooking

Hairy crabs steamed minced meat

Every fall and winter is the best season to eat crab, this time, no matter male female crab, a lot of cream, eat up is very beautiful! Our family likes to eat! Now on the market sell the male crab 30 …

Western Pastries

Black pepper steak

Steak is Australia, prices and domestic in slightly more expensive than the taste is quite different, however, now that promised son natural well chosen some ingredients.


Leek egg dumplings

Material: 1. The flour with water (2) to form a snowflake 3. Then knead the dough into a smooth, wet cloth cover wake hair 4. 20 minutes wash leek choose charged with clean water. Fans maceration, dic…

A Pregnant Woman

Kelp tofu soup

Will mushroom, mushroom, kelp, chopped green onion, put some oil in the pan, add chopped green onion saute 2. Add mushrooms, mushroom slices stir fry a few times, the fire in the kelp silk Fried 3. Ad…