Author: nigel_donnelly

Home Cooking

Ants on the tree

. The fans for three or four hours in advance and heart through 2. At the end of the pork, cut into 3. Add rice wine well and put 3 teaspoon of peanut oil dip fleshy foam live 4. PI county douban, fin…

A Vegetarian Diet

Rob with celery black bean

Today do the spicy celery black bean mix special simple, light and refreshing taste, spicy meat dishes in a large table in the special high demand, is also a kitchen a novice to do handy vegetables, p…

Pastry Staple Food

Red oil reading hands

. Making ginger, add a little boiling water, leaching ginger 2. Wash and peel 3. Pork pork chop meat 4. Add rice wine, salt, pepper, sesame oil, ginger, water starch, stir with chopsticks in one direc…