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The Microwave Oven

Microwave chips

1. Potatoes peeled, sliced, into the bowl, stir in ground pepper, melt butter, salt and other spices stir evenly 2. Spread the chips in the microwave glass plate, high fire ding take out after 3 minut…

Home Cooking

Sweet and sour sparerib

Vinegar small row, are the most familiar dish, Shanghai local cuisines or wedding banquet dinner eat out every time, mesa is bound to have a small line of cold dish called sweet and sour, sweet and so…

Cookie Recipe

Pattern walnut cake

The pattern of Chinese style style walnut cake, vegan recipes, healthy, delicious used vegetable oil instead of butter, own walnut powder grinding. In the oven to roast walnut, ground into a powder, a…

Hot Food

Yellow beans braised pig’s feet

Was lucky to get the supor given trial, very tall on the pressure cooker, give than the old pressure cooker at home. And it is very save time. Quickly out of the flavour, save time and effort to brais…

A Pregnant Woman

Chicken broth

Buy a used only stupid chicken, soup, use rice cooker pot for four hours, special tender meat, soup is delicious, eating meat soup is big ah.