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Green vegetables package

Surface 1. 380 grams of flour heating water into white flour regiment. 2. Will the rest of the 120 grams of flour add spinach juice. 3. The dough into green. Both the dough cover aside Xing. DiaoXian …


Sichuan style stew pork

"Sichuan style stew pork", as the name implies, meat cooked, Fried Fried, again is the meaning of "return". Its characteristic is the taste is unique, the color red, fat but not greasy.

Anti Aging

Western tomato sauce/tomato paste

Tomato sauce, tomato paste, it is a kind of general use the ripe tomatoes, a bright red bean paste, tomato flavors, is a kind of distinctive condiments, basic raw materials are tomatoes, vinegar, suga…

French Food

French small dish eggs with tomatoes

Small cup is very common in French, both as a container directly, and can help to better control of temperature, food cooked slowly, especially in component is former dish or dessert. Offer them small…