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Sauce Dip

Homemade no MSG

Always see friends homemade MSG, I didn't also endure did some try effect, make soup with the feel good, after a long time without monosodium glutamate chicken essence, feelings are not adapted to the…

Hot Food

Garlic longley fish

Do longley I like the way with grilled fish, and not Fried way, because it does not get longley fish baked into pieces. Longley fish thawed, surface will contain a lot of water, be sure to blot, surfa…

Home Cooking

Xianggu mushroom stewed chicken

Autumn, beginning to feel filar silk cool meaning, after hot volts, GuXia day is finally over, the cool autumn is coming. A lot of people are beginning to appetite also become good up, calculate the G…


The sweet potato meatball

Eat more roughage is healthy, but every time will steamed greasy, change the pattern to adjust occasionally taste ah, today is the last approach, a simple but delicious sweet potato balls!

Baby's Diet Plan A Baby

Molar biscurt rods

1. Prepare the needed ingredients, in 1 egg break up 2. Stir in sugar, corn oil and sugar melting 3. Strong flour joined into a smooth dough, cover with plastic wrap, 15 minutes 4. With a rolling pin …



Material collection figure: 1. To prepare the required raw material 2. Rinse the vegetables and dicing spare 3. Net beef brisket, into the pot, add water of beef, add ginger, spring onion, 3 minutes. …

Sweet Snacks

The microwave simple cake

Material collection figure: 1. The eggs into the bowl of scattered 2. Stir in vegetable oil 3. Add the cake mix 4. Carefully mix batter 5. In high temperature resistant paper cup or bowl, pour the bat…