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Home Cooking

Braise in soy sauce meat

The cold winter, I like to spend 2-3 hours at a time, a big pot of stew stewed beef, beef brisket with beef tendon is commonly used in the stew. Stew good later can according to need, add some vegetab…

A Vegetarian Diet

Cabbage pickles

Pickles is one kind of high concentration of salt solution, lactic acid bacteria fermentation is used to preserve vegetables, and through curing, enhance flavor fermented food, vegetables with digesti…


Fresh pot chief

This way to make the name of the leader of the small pot to, taste good, sweet crisp extents are good, definitely worth a try! Both, of course, also hope to get everyone's advice, have know what secre…

A Cake Of Bread

Corn grains, cake

Now people pay attention to eat more roughage, increase nutrition to improve the flavor, and we used to eat with low gluten flour and exquisite chiffon cake, already can't feel; Today I want to change…

Home Cooking

Steamed crabs from yangcheng lake

Eat crab season, received a box of yangcheng lake hairy crabs, start work immediately steamed two, flavour is delicious, oily, crab roe dripping fat meat, cream with NenNen sliding, delicious!

Afternoon Tea

Blue Danube cocktails

Sharp Macao public about two years ago, when also try to drink. Now, again drink on sharp Australia feeling done adjust? Although the color did not change, still is six color, but the fruit is heavier…

Cookie Recipe

Raw cookie

In food baking master like a cloud, doug mama belong to the entry-level, please don't laugh, give the child healthy snacks or myself.

Cookie Recipe

Cocoa butter cookie

Cookies for me in fact not too like, so don't often do. But today do the cocoa butter feel much taste delicious, cocoa flavor is very thick, very suitable for afternoon tea.