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Baby's Diet Plan A Baby

Fried rice cakes

. Material: leftover rice, prawns, carrots, apricot bao mushroom, peas, 2. Wash shrimps and drain water, cut into small grains, charging wine, black pepper, a little salt for a while (3) cut carrots a…


Pig feet ginger

Wash ginger peeling, using live, not to put oil in pan, fry dry water 2. Sweet vinegar into the casserole, add sauteed ginger boil after fire boil for about half an hour, turn off the heat, let ginger…

A Pregnant Woman

The recovering of the lotus

Is water, the fish in it, we really is the inexhaustible pattern, the most impressive experience of a fish cat is in a farm, cook a nine fish to eat, it is said that this is not the best, and people c…

Korean Food

Korean miso soup to drink

In South Korea, Korean cuisine has a very special feelings, love it too. Barbecue, miso soup, rice, cold, hot spicy Chinese cabbage, radish, platycodon grandiflorum, mixing, iuv, I love is dead. Howev…


Braise in soy sauce potatoes

When big yam met not millet zha, but braise in soy sauce meat, is not just a laugh, and the impact each mouthful taste and appetite satisfied!

Cookie Recipe

Chives salty crisp biscuit

Chives salty crisp biscuit is a simple material, full tooth traditional stay sweet biscuits, salty, not greasy. With a badder-like inner container inside enamel of emperor roasting Man CRTF32K oven, h…

Afternoon Tea

Milk fragrant sesame rolls

The Mid-Autumn festival holiday has been get along with long emperor roasting man CRTF32K. With the oven, like making friends, the same type of oven, also have different temper. With several times, an…

A Pregnant Woman

Lime mint shredded chicken

Is the whole chicken breast meat fat minimum (with only 5% fat content, protein content of the highest position (protein content 20%), and compared to beef and mutton, chickens and ducks these poultry…


Homemade sauce duck

This is a private kitchens, now out to share with you, can do during the Spring Festival and enjoy their elders.

Italian Food

Sweet fresh rural pizza

Company downstairs have papa John, group of a dozen people plotting to dinner last week, but inside, look cramped space and delicate small square table, even if the table can only blouses sit the agre…