Author: logan

Pastry Staple Food

Little bear full of bread

A start to see the bear full package all the heart, to that of harmless can't wait to yum bite up, don't even have the heart to eat, eat poke a few soft also bounce back and instantly fell into lovely…

A Cake Of Bread

The rage of cheese packages

This bread once all the rage the entire circle of friends in a frenzied, this bread I did two times, bread itself to do soft, clip on cheese filling is very good ~ but the cheese filling cannot too mu…


Chinese chestnut ribs lotus seed meal

Beautiful grain rice, the five permanent members, plus Chinese chestnut, fresh lotus seed, ribs, dinner together, the rice absorbs the ribs meat is sweet, the entrance of that moment, you will realize…


Sesame paste cake

Fry the sesame sesame seed paste is, grinding paste made of crushed, have fragrance, used as a condiment. Also called sesame catsup. Sesame paste is one of the crowd loved the smell of spices. Have tw…

Baby's Diet Plan A Baby

Banana bread

This cake is very suitable for seven months later to see baby, do not contain any additives, soft cake, can exercise the baby chewing ability, banana itself and the role of runchang, can solve the pro…

Afternoon Tea

Double color butter cookies

Many students complain that their is a hand residual party, couldn't do the beautiful cookies, or decorative pattern is not clear, or not enough fangyuan. Now, we can buy special cookies mold, even di…

A Pregnant Woman

Fried three wire

Eggs, is a kind of rich nutrition and joker ingredients, in the case of don't know what to do dishes, emergency is the best solution with eggs? Leftover material in the refrigerator, deserve to go up …

Home Cooking

Simple version of the apple jam

Once a jam is so simple, need not put sugar, is to use water to cook, cook until the soft rotten flesh is ready, also need not fold, among until moisture to dry is basically good, is the original appl…