Author: lincoln

A Vegetarian Diet

Toffee apple

The cold wire drawing, the temperature is very important, it can't pull out silk. At first I add too much water, leading to slurry is too rare would, then is too thick, taste felt a little bit short. …

Afternoon Tea

Cumin toothpicks streaky

Oven not only can make dessert, meat dishes, can also do this cumin toothpick streaky, simple and fast worker, baked smell the fragrance, the process of swallowing.

Home Cooking

Xianggu mushroom scrambled eggs

I especially like to eat mushrooms, so the kitchen perennial with dry mushrooms, edible fungus. While on the kung fu bubble steamed rice with mushroom, and then drink some yogurt mat mat belly, brush …

Cold Dishes

Cold sheep food

The study found that the food contains 18 kinds of important amino acids the human body needs, 14 kinds of trace elements, important is of high nutrition health care value. Also contains high trace el…


Potatoes bacon cheese balls

From the data that cheese is one of the most calcium in milk products, can promote metabolism, enhance vitality, protect eye health and keep the skin strong and handsome. Cheese and heat are more than…