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At The Middle

Sausage of potato

Materials collection figure: 1. Shred potatoes (or a wire brush tool would rub into potato silk), onion cut into small grains, cantonese sausage cut into small grains, hit two eggs (2) the eggs of bla…

Hunan Snack

Sugar oil BaBa

. In a large bowl, add in glutinous rice powder, then add water, add water and mix with chopsticks, stirring until dry thin moderate degree 2. Rub up into smooth glutinous rice dough, rolling into a 3…

Home Cooking

Garlic crisp steamed pumpkin

Very suitable for summer to eat a delicious steamed, low cost, simple, nutritious, not greasy good flavor, color also mei-mei drops. Many people all like steamed pumpkin, sweet taste can be a staple f…

Hot Food

Jesus called naan barbecue

. Going to xinjiang called naan bread a 2. Use a knife cut into small pieces and mutton (preferably with a small amount of fat) wash section 4. Put the mutton slices in large bowl, add chicken, pepper…

Beijing Snacks

Beijing heaving

Very tasty dish, before go to the restaurant to eat, try to be done at home, the taste is very good, is also relatively simple.

Home Cooking

Rock candy pig’s feet

Pig cooking methods also varied, soup, braise in soy sauce and so on are quite tasty, this candy pig in accordance with our traditional cooking methods help slightly modified, added a few dried chilli…

Baby's Diet Plan A Baby

Mushrooms, shrimp eggs risotto

Rice, the rice has a long history, is the earliest originated in the han dynasty, its inventor created for building protection. Risotto capacity is larger than any a particular food, taste rich, belon…

Cold Dishes

Pickled chicken feet

. Type in the kitchen scissors to pea, and then after washing clean, use a knife cut in half; Ginger slices, carrots cut hob pieces, onion cut into small pieces, pickled peppers for juice fall in larg…