Author: keegan.schmeler

Home Cooking

Featuring steamed pork with rice flour

Like salty burning white, sichuan are three steamed steamed pork with rice flour in the nine field dry steaming food in the dish. Yuan mei in "the garden food with single," says is "jiangxi people foo…

Sauce Dip

Sesame salt

No snacks when I was a kid, my mother will be made sesame sesame salt for me, that time ate with relish, sweet and delicious, sesame salt as I was growing up, memorable. Today with a food processor, h…

A Pregnant Woman

The pig steamed egg

Eggs rich nutrition, an egg weighs about 50 grams, including 7 grams of protein. Egg protein amino acid ratio is very suitable for human body physiology, easy for the body to absorb, utilization rate …

Guangdong Snacks

Guangdong steamed egg im

As long as a mention in guangdong snacks, many people immediately think of steamed vermicelli roll, because im powder is the most common, also one of the most often eat breakfast, a five-star restaura…

Sweet Snacks

Carrot dry

Today walking past a shop, the shop assistant was very warm, please do we taste her carrots, I think this is one of the most should have snacks children, healthy and tasty.