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Home Cooking

Garlic moss fry meat

. Will lean meat cut into wire 2. Add rice wine, 3. Add a few drops water transfer into soy sauce 4. Transfer into soy sauce, stir in one direction, make pork imbibe 5. Add raw powder, 6. Mix well wit…

Japanese Cuisine

Japanese rice chicken leg

1. Rinse the chicken leg bone, wipe excess water, on the surface of knife strokes, spare; Put a little oil in the frying pan, after the scallions, ginger, add chicken leg (goose down) 2. The small fir…

Home Cooking

Milk incense stewed seafood

Work every day, around the life everything is fast rhythm, eat cook also feel more worry more good, a friend introduced a seasoning is very nice, just a box of achievement can be a delicious, dispense…

Afternoon Tea

Baby snacks ~ yogurt soluble doug

Yogurt soluble doug my baby's favorite For the first time for baby to eat dissolve doug is eight months old Eat a few don't stop the rhythm Not to eat began to cry But outside to buy snacks is not ass…

Cookie Recipe

Little mushroom biscuits full of tong qu

Today is June 1 children's day, asked the mothers around, children half a day off today, and 20 years ago when I went to school is still the same. While the current material life and spiritual world i…


Lin Noel – Mexico chicken book

The most like to eat KFC chicken taco, soft crust with vegetables and chicken, taste not enough! Try to do at home. It surprisingly delicious! Crust joined the lattice Lin Noel flax seed oil, flipping…


The icing peanuts

Peanut snack is what we love eating at home, sugar, spicy peanut, peanut halogen peanuts often in eating, then easier is to make good peanuts sprinkle with some salt fry together with the white porrid…

Home Cooking

Three height saute diced meat

This dish is scrambled to I do 1:1.2, Fried good later on top of rice, rice killer really ~ ~ a person's food also can actually nutrition is rich, have a dish with meat with rice is really rich conten…


Jiufen taro round

Jiufen taro is a Taiwan's famous traditional dessert, of which 9 of the most famous city. Taro and refreshing spring tooth, hot and cold all appropriate, has become nowadays a lot of people pursue hea…