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A Vegetarian Diet

Stir-fry chips

Everyone loves to eat potatoes, regardless of braise in soy sauce, stir, steamed or stew, do is good, today to introduce you to a heavy taste eat potatoes, stir-fry chips.

The Dessert

Cranberry hua fu pie

Waffles, also called nest,, bread, checkered grid, embossing omelet; Is a kind of scones from Belgium, with dedicated roasting pan. Pan two angled grid, a concave, convex, the pour batter pressure to …

Jiangxi Snacks

Spring Onions Fried rice with egg

Wash spring Onions and cut two parts, the worship of cut into 2 cm long segments, at the end of the green tail cut into the chopped green onion. Eggs open pour into 1 teaspoon (or spoon with seasoning…


Orange drinks

With sharp Macao cocktail, to this summer! This orange drink. Orange flavour with fresh orange juice cocktail and lemon juice mint and ice, good tastes great!

A Vegetarian Diet

Garlic asparagus

Asparagus not easily ruwei, JiHuo sauteed to flavor, do not add water stew, stir-fry better eat some garlic flavor, taste crispy, good.


Datong muddy source bean jelly

Material collection figure: 1. The pot into the water 500 grams, the fire burn 2.100 grams of cassava flour in a bowl of 3. 4. Add in 100 grams of water use chopsticks to cassava starch and water mix,…