Author: jonathan

Fashion Drinks

Sprite drink

Recently in the European championship is picking up, the office of an eyebrow in the United States recently run supermarket ran very frequently, heard that is prepared to watch for home fan snacks, se…

Homemade Dessert

Delicious protein sugar

Protein and soluble sugar beans like very much, but soluble bean materials more, so make a slightly different taste, melt in your mouth of protein, sugar, ingredients and practices are very simple, lo…

Home Cooking

Luffa eggs meat yan soup

Day more and more cold, the breakfast are also more garden, such as water, get up early to cook soup of a fast worker, eggs and meat, main track team super delicious. Dabao eat not enough like a bowl …

Cold Dishes

Cold rice tofu

Rice tofu is a famous sichuan, hunan, guizhou, hubei area of ethnic snacks, as a people of hunan, natural from snacks to big. Cold rice tofu would be a simple and cheap, a cake of money can buy a bigg…

A Lung

In the autumn of cream

Hangzhou haze weather in a row, three days two head heavy pollution, really let a person feel not far from the day wearing a gas mask in science fiction. I didn't say this autumn cream can resist fog,…

Hot Food

Pork with

Split the remaining rice in the pan, put into the sun to dry; Leave to dry rice into small pieces (2) into the pan fry; Fry until golden brown remove spare 3. After the tenderloin slices, add salt, co…