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Dried Fruit Production

Peanut sticky

Peanut, use small fire making after pot of peanuts or rung off fire 2. Cold water and sugar pot at the same time, the small fire boil 3. Stay pot bubble is dense, spatula to hang syrup, into the cooke…

Hot Food

The Fried shrimps with broccoli

Light, sweet dish. Shrimp nutrition is rich, fleshy, soft, easy to digest, the weak and the people who need rehabilitation after illness is very good food.

Home Cooking

Hang pepper beef

Pepper beef is a very common dishes, didn't go to pursue its "belong", just seems to be a lot size of the restaurant is visible on the menu that wins in a simple quickly, perfectly XiangNen. Oneself d…

A Vegetarian Diet

Chop bell pepper mix black fungus

Today is the Lantern Festival, big guy, happy holidays! This great festival today, should have some "hard food", but these days is not very interested in to serve fish or fowl, bobbin oh like me? Za d…

Hot Food

Korean Fried mixed vegetables

Often seen in han drama entertaining housewives with mix mixed vegetables, the guests eat satisfied, too, so do you also want to learn the Korean dishes, let's teach you how to do a Korean fry mixed v…

Baby's Diet Plan A Baby

The orange jelly

To take meat, orange peel, leaving 100 grams flesh aside, the remaining squeeze fresh juice pulp with tools 2. Almost all the orange segments to mash, with mesh filter pure juice spare 3. Filter good …

A Cake Of Bread

Marca dragon

. 100 g almond powder and 100 g sugar into powder and sift together (well. A lazy bread sieve was too lazy to sieve sieve under two fixed. Finally pour into a bowl.) 2. Proteins are two packed in plas…