Author: hiram_grimes

Cold Dishes

Hot and sour kelp silk

. Material: kelp. (led the part of the sea, and the thick meat) 2. Kelp, then soak in cold water more than half a day. (I buy seaweed is very salty, soak all night) 3. Turn off the heat after the pot …


Thai Tom yam kung winter, so sweet

So sweet you have eaten, a kind of very delicious street food. Today, I'll use the supor curing pot made this way, so sweet, not on the market to buy all kinds of meat balls, but with the fresh vegeta…


Snow pear tremella medlar soup

Rock candy oneself has runfei, qingrejiedu, reduce phlegm, the effect of the pharynx material; Rock candy add snow pear has clear heat runfei, cough of cool effects, heated pear juice contains greater…

Hot Food

British beef brisket an earthenware pot

This is modified British beef brisket, casseroles, this dish is originally put into sand pot and then put inside the oven bake more than 3 hours, I use the high pressure cooker instead. To tell the tr…


Boiled meat

Boiled meat, meat, spicy, tender, easy to chew. When eating fresh, tender meat dish Shang Gong sleek, spicy taste thick, the most appropriate orders, as one of the homely food. Feature is the "hemp, s…


Green radish sparerib soup

Winter eat turnip has many advantages, can help digestion. Because of the cold in winter, or for other reasons will be big fish big meat, eat a lot of high-energy food. A little less, abdominal disten…


Pasta in garlic and oil

Last week, day day up, Wang Han introduction "le le", has been very want to try, finally free to do today, slightly changed the formula, add a little bit of millet pepper, taste sour, salty, also brin…