Author: helena.ruel

The Microwave Oven

Egg pudding

. Less first on the mold with a bit of butter, so to facilitate the pudding done demoulding, of course, you can also apply peanut oil, olive oil, corn oil, but I always think I can also ah ~ if you do…


Kelp mung bean old duck soup

Through the day is cold, and fresh for a few days to eat spicy, throat again some uncomfortable, be badly in need of a drink to decrease internal heat, see home have a good customer sent their brother…

Cold Dishes

Solution of greasy appetizers laba garlic

The story behind the dish ~ : bubble laba garlic is a mainly in the north, especially in north China of the han nationality traditional snack, eat custom is laba festival festival. This day in lunar c…

The Microwave Oven

Spicy chicken

Material collection figure: 1. The main raw material (2) diced chicken meat, marinate with soy sauce, rice wine, pepper once 3. In the high temperature resistant containers, add oil, chili sauce, onio…