Author: fiona.prohaska


Beauty bean Fried meat

The eyebrow beans generally long wall behind the house, the corner on the side of the fence, a plant after beauty bean results can eat for a long time, after another blossom, less girlish, don't move,…

Sauce Dip

Sichuan sweet chilli oil

Chilli oil has always been my indispensable blindly in cuisine cooking condiment, whether mouth-watering, cold food, eat noodles in soup... Must come on such a spoon. Sweet and spicy super delicious, …

Cookie Recipe

Cheese cream oreo cookies

Tore up memory drops the stained with milk in the student s twist car wheels of oreo cookies in his dream, but I added a cheese sandwich layer, so prepare to put a refrigerator for one night, after ta…

Sweet Snacks

Article twisting, cheese

Twisting, cheese, from rice rice teacher's formula, a delicious snacks, no butter, no sent, also need not knead dough to cramp, both the crispy cookies, and chewy with bread, and one can't stop, chees…

Cookie Recipe

Chocolate chip cookies

Hang out over the weekend, ahead of baked chocolate chip cookies, take on the road to eat. Beautiful scenery, delicious food, coupled with the beautiful mood, very happy this weekend!

Hot Food

Crispy Fried duck

Duck a lot, or burn or roast or stew, like beer duck, old duck soup, konjac roast duck, today do is crispy Fried duck weeds for a long time, taste stick.