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Homemade lemon honey

1. The surface of the lemon with salt scrub clean, dry, with a plane plane to skin, skin retain 2. Dig down will spread the lemon peel in pelvic floor, rock candy on the shop broken 3. The lemon slice…

A Vegetarian Diet

Chop bell pepper cabbage

Chinese cabbage water content is rich, as high as 95%. In winter the weather is dry, eat cabbage, can have very good can nourish dry, protect skin to raise colour effect. Cabbage contains rich vitamin…

Pastry Staple Food

The sweet potato meatball

High nutritional value of sweet potato, winter sweet potatoes a lot, prices are more affordable, recently my home every day to eat sweet potatoes, do not have to buy and eat sweet potato, have relativ…

Cold Dishes

Asparagus with cashew nuts

Recently with the relatives and friends go out to travel more than 20 days, had a very devoted and time! However, although the outside had a good hi, enough food, but also because of the excessive int…

Pastry Staple Food

Leek egg Fried bun

Water package, shandong jining region characteristic snacks. Under the small steamed stuffed bun in the pan, Fried the steamed, both the crispy Fried package, and there was a soft Xuan of steamed buns…

Hong Kong Food

Glutinous rice cake

1. The glutinous rice soaked 12 hours in advance. 2. Drain the water steam pan for 40 minutes. 3. After been steamed white sugar, a spoonful of salt. Mix well. 4. Around the mould with oil, spread a l…