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Private Food

Taiwan crispy small sausage

Coke in Taiwan crispy small intestine, Q deep sweet taste of children's favorite, is an indispensable a dish of wasn't table. Don't add preservatives and homemade small sausage improver delicious and …

Private Food

Cold pot fish

So-called cold pot, fish is fish will do a good job after using pig iron pan of the table, no ignition fish to eat. Fish temperature is just right, in the thick wok mediator with temperature, eat turn…

Hot Food

Plug the meat river

River is a river, especially rich in the jiangnan water, though unable to research river snail meat this dish comes from where, but it is somebody else's home cooking kind of snacks should we have, th…

A Cake Of Bread

Dragon fruit cake volume of hearts

A while ago bought two boxes of pitaya, eat every day, eat well. No one to eat all put painfully left a few. Volume conveniently used to make the cake. Not bad oh, delicious! Pitaya itself color is pu…

Guangdong Snacks

Fry pho

Dry fry NiuHe is one of the traditional cantonese dishes, in guangzhou, Hong Kong and overseas cantonese restaurant, Hong Kong's tea restaurant, dry fry NiuHe almost become essential dishes. Fry powde…

Baby's Diet Plan A Baby

Pumpkin cake

Autumn climate is dry, many children can show different degree of chapped lips, nose bleeding and the symptom such as skin is dry, so the child to eat more contain rich vitamin A, E, enhance immunity,…