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Baby's Diet Plan A Baby

Pan fry shrimp cake

. Material: shrimp (fresh shrimps), carrots, apricot bao mushroom 2. Carrots, apricot bao mushroom shred blanch 3. Carrots and apricot bao mushroom drain water, cut to pieces (water must be squeezed d…

Hot Food

The bean curd

. Tofu cut into 1.5 cm pieces 2. Puts salt water, into a piece of tofu for twenty minutes; Out drain water spare 3. Mince beef adult cow meat, garlic slice garlic, onion cut into chopped green onion, …

Homemade Dessert

Banana oatmeal

This should be one of the world's most simple dessert? Ripe bananas, itself is very sweet, don't need sugar, wrapped in egg mixture and oatmeal, oil in a simple, sweet and delicious soft and sweet, ve…

Sweet Snacks

Skin color ice mooncake

In order to attend the baby kindergarten parent-child activities, specially in advance try try skin color ice moon cakes! The result is good, hey hey ~ ~

Home Cooking

Sprinkle with shredded meat

A lot of people have experience greatly, the hotel's cooking in the pork or meat is tender, while at home no matter how to don't do that kind of effect.

A Cake Of Bread

Perfect decorating cheese sponge cake

Wet sponge cake with cream cheese, cream, taste is leverage. Sponge actually harder to control than chiffon, because it is so easy to foam, so every step should be quick! The sponge cake fluffy and ve…


Watermelon lemon soda drinks

Watermelon can be heat has soared, except vexed enfold. Fresh fruit juice is rich in nutrition, can help you to keep hydrated, let you a energetic all day.

Fashion Drinks

Tremella jujube lily

The story behind the dish ~ : lotus seed tremella soup you have eaten? It is a particularly high nutritional value of sweet, oh. Usually at home most like boiled red jujube tremella soup to drink, oft…

Taiwanese Snacks

Oyster omelet

Material collection figure: 1. Chinese cabbage cut into small sections (Chinese chives can be cut into small sections); Eggs out at room temperature back ahead of schedule; Oyster wash and drain water…