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Marinated Sauce

Happy marinated egg

Brine material collection: practice: 1. All the spices (anise wait (aniseed) 3 pieces, 1 TSP cumin (5 ml), 1 TSP pepper (5 ml) 1 piece, licorice 3 pieces, cinnamon, amomum 1, meat kou 1, 1 dried tange…

A Vegetarian Diet

Oyster sauce lettuce

This is my very favorite dish, although is only the ordinary lettuce, but still some way to make a delicious. Lettuce cooked in this way is very unusual. Taste delicious, crisp, so delicious food, be …

A Cake Of Bread

Cream cake volume

Like to eat cake volume but do the bobbin, try this prescription, he would do it, then I don't have to look at other people's mouth water, do you want to eat bai, So easy!

Cold Dishes

Pressure cooker version of white chicken

Plain chicken is one of the most common in cantonese chicken meat dish, belong to the chicken. With its simple, just cooked not bad, do not add ingredients and keep the original features. White cut ch…

French Food

Gravy crispy small potatoes

"Gravy crispy small potato" is a very old French dish, its practices and Chinese style "cumin small potatoes" some similar, but the butter and broth simmer adzuki bean soil, let the taste of butter an…

A Vegetarian Diet

Kale mixed peanut

Recent house old daughter say to lose weight, said only eat green vegetables, I this according to the requirements of the girl, with a little cold! Look at she can insist on how long to lose weight.

Afternoon Tea

After the may dip peaches cheese pie

I don't know why, I have a special liking to send, like to eat like to do. Every game, want to do a variety of different flavors of pie, essence is more than just stuffing, pie crust degeneration is k…

A Cake Of Bread

Japanese style snapper burn

Eleven years, the National Day in Shanghai subway station to see there's a sell snapper burn, then looked at the above picture makes me feel special have appetite, modelling is beautiful, but to the d…


Angelica root poria cocos yam soil chicken soup

Angelica: for umbelliferae angelica plant root, its root can be medicine, is one of the most commonly used traditional Chinese medicine (TCM). With blood and blood, regulate the menstrual function ana…