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Minced meat to fry fan

. Prepare the required ingredients: sweet potato fans, minced meat, leeks, tender bamboo shoots and dried mushrooms (other types of fans can also, tender bamboo shoots is pointed part of winter bamboo…

Beijing Snacks

Spiced boiled fire

Material: pig colon two jins, pig lung, stomach a, flour, 500 g accessories: a piece of tofu, yeast 5 g ingredients: 50 g soy sauce 25 grams, 15 grams of sugar, salt, onion ginger 10 g, 20 g spirit er…

Home Cooking

The bean curd

Tofu is rich in protein, isoflavone, phytoestrogens, quantity of heat is not high also, often occurs on the dining table is our home star players, the family all like it very much. Orders a classic di…

Hot Food

Cumin mutton

A frying pan. In the heat, don't put oil, add mutton rolls, quick stir 2. Over and over again to lamb seven mature, sheng into the tray 3. Add the chopped onion silk also pan, add cumin powder and hal…

Home Cooking

Wine together

Do seafood at home, the principle is to choose the most fresh ingredients, in the most simple way to bring out the natural flavor. This is a small white kitchen also can finish the seafood cuisine, we…


Spicy grilled squid

Squid nutritional value very high, each hectogram avoiding contain protein 66.7 grams, 7.4 grams fat, and contain large amounts of carbohydrates and calcium, phosphorus, sulfur and other inorganic sal…


High-energy nucleoli sugar

A walnut first thought is the nutrition for brain, walnut is a kind of high nutritional value of high-energy food, usually eat walnuts beneficial health of body and mind, make a walnut kernel sugar, a…


Carrot meat soup

That zhejiang food ingredients, although all is pure lean lean, but no lean dry wood is feeling, instead of the tender and smooth, chewing a few times can gently down, so it is suitable for children a…

Sweet Snacks

Rose glue paste

Efficacy: the rose is suitable for mild nature, men and women. Mood, balance the endocrine, blood gas, beauty skin care, on the function of liver and stomach has tonic, and can eliminate fatigue, impr…

Sweet Snacks

Three color double ninth gao (or cake)

Weighing all materials. 2. After the glutinous rice flour, rice flour and sugar. Mix well, average into two portions. Take one of about 130 ml of water, stir into the dry and wet raw powder, rub scatt…