Author: constance.beahan

Sauce Dip

Homemade garlic oil

Homemade garlic oil, nutrition and health, usually mix when the scoop a spoonful of, also can use when cooking, can add some unique flavor to food oh can do ~ ~ like to eat garlic

A Vegetarian Diet

White hot needle mushroom

Today try to do this very simple zero failure scalded needle mushroom, don't use any seasoning, such as the chicken essence, salt, just use soy sauce, mix the most delicious taste.

The Main Course

Red black pepper steak

On Christmas Eve, at home preparing Christmas dinner together to celebrate Christmas with his family. Christmas dinner of course steak and red wine.

A Cake Of Bread

Christmas wreath of bread

Christmas wreath is hung on the door, it is said that green can, and Holly that red fruits and green leaves, in the cold weather really make the person feels a breath of spring. Christmas trees and Ch…

Cold Dishes

Chicken gizzard mixed beans

Chicken gizzard have "xiaoshi guide lag", help digestion, suddenly want to eat two days ago, just to see in the supermarket, bought some back, halide the cold eat a little, with recent appetite.


Grapefruit avocado salad

A grapefruit is women raise colour beauty fruit avocado salad, delicious and zero burden oh ~ can often eat rich in protein and vitamins, enhance immunity, is family healthy fruit ~

Home Cooking

Kung pao chicken

Yesterday just eat pungent food, because some cheese didn't eat satisfied, doing less demanding today in kung pao chicken, of course, some people like to eat xiao yun is willing to do, finish watching…

Fashion Drinks

Milk tea

This tea is very simple, drink boiled water a blunt, commonly known as "lazy milk tea". Even my daughter rushed to myself to drink, you can imagine how simple.