Author: bryce

The Microwave Oven

Oyster sauce eggplant

Eggplant hemp fiber cutting knife, the following two chopsticks, very good cut 2. Eggplant sprinkle a little water, cover with plastic wrap, into the microwave oven, high fire 3. Two or three minutes …

Home Cooking

Vegetable pancake

Today want to share with you this dish is tailor made for children, now this is not the children don't eat more and more to eat more, I found that as long as make omelets, basically what vegetables ca…

Hot Food

A delicious roast chicken

Have the oven really capricious, eat chicken don't line up. Headphones in advance, ready to eat roast chicken dinner for Christmas and the New Year. Too simple, pickled, ahead of a roast will his work…

Home Cooking

Microwave cantonese rice rolls

Steamed vermicelli roll is every time I go to teahouse drinking tea will point of snacks, seemingly simple appearance really let a person can eat, at home also can easily make delicious steamed vermic…

Home Cooking

Vinegar cabbage

Winter's table, Chinese cabbage and potatoes, carrots, have become a denizen of the table. This vinegar cabbage, let I got a good memory. Loss of appetite, or have no time, acid sweet tempting vinegar…

The United States Home Cooking

Creme brulee

. The material in the form of A sugar 60 g and 25 g into the stainless steel cold water basin, gently shake the stainless steel basin, makes the sugar and cold water mixing 2. A small fire boil sugar …