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Baby's Diet Plan A Baby

Steamed salted oranges

Wash thoroughly oranges, can soak in salt water for a while (2) cut oranges to the top, just like the orange bowl of 3. Will a little salt evenly on the orange flesh, poke a few times, use chopsticks …

At The Middle

The microwave roast sweet potato

Wash sweet potato, no clean water, retain skin moisture. 2. With a piece of paper will be sweet potato wrapped up; I've tried don't package paper and then bake, also can, but will have a moment when t…

Homemade Dessert

The orange chicken custard

Chicken custard basic every household will do, but a long time many children eat sick of it. That will change the pattern to do, to give children bring freshness, change the taste... Oranges are rich …

French Food

French smoked salmon scrambled eggs

Scrambled eggs seems simple enough, after the egg pan and stir-fry until done is not good. But there is an authentic French fry eggs can not so simple, to imagine the silky smooth, like spring melt af…


Ham salad sandwiches

If there is a ready-made material home, do a simple sandwich in the morning is also very convenient. I am looking for a ready-made some raw material in the refrigerator in the home, had the ham sandwi…

Cold Dishes

A secret private iron eggs

. Quail eggs into the soup pot, add enough water to boil over medium heat for 10 minutes and remove to soak in cold water, cold strip eggshell flush again after wash broken eggshells 2. Brine juice in…

Southeast Asian Food

Thai sweet spicy small balls

Ingredients: 1. The shrimp clean, remove shrimp head and dried small shrimps, pick to shrimp line (see the shrimp head and legs are red, this is the shrimp in the sea, the whole body is blue, is a com…