Apple green bean paste

Today to introduce you to a drink, the main material is apple and mung beans, maybe you will feel it mixed a bit odd, but interested friends can have a try, taste really good. Apple to join become not only a natural sweetener, green bean paste can also neutralize the little bean smell.

  • apple1
  • Mung bean50 g
  • water

1.Skinless mung beans with water soak 1 hours in advance

2.Put bubble good green beans in a pot, add mung bean water

3.After the fire boil, turn a small fire boil to mung beans, drain the water

4.Apple abluent, cut into 2 cm square apple pieces

5.Apple and green bean into the juicer juice can in turn

Cooking techniques

1, not recommended for use with skin mung beans, skinless mung bean taste would be better;

2, if you can’t buy skinless mung bean, mung bean can be boiled flower, peeling;

3, green beans must be cooked in advance to use;

4, the apple contains sugar, do not need additional sugar.  

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