Angelica root poria cocos yam soil chicken soup

Angelica: for umbelliferae angelica plant root, its root can be medicine, is one of the most commonly used traditional Chinese medicine (TCM). With blood and blood, regulate the menstrual function analgesic, dryness of age slippery bowel, anti-cancer, anti-aging and immune efficacy.

  • Turkey,1 only
  • angelica1 the root
  • The root of remembranous milk vetch2 g
  • Dwarf lilyturf2 g
  • Large-headed atractylodes2 g
  • Poria cocos2 g
  • Yam medicine2 g
  • salt
  • Cooking wine
  • Green Chinese onion
  • Ginger slice


Prepare the material. A cut green Chinese onion, ginger slices.


Traditional Chinese medicine with warm water for 15 minutes to remove an indication of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM).


Pot add water, add chicken, Onions, ginger, cooking wine, fire boil, skim floating foam. Salvage, rinse with clear water on the surface of the blood.


Will be cleaned, chicken into the supor rice cooker, add Chinese traditional medicine. In just the right amount of water. (a enough, not add water. Otherwise the taste is mellow)


Turn on the juice and press talk on Shang Jian. Time, can eat. (you can use bubble chrysanthemum and Chinese wolfberry adorn)

Cooking techniques

1, traditional Chinese medicine to remove an indication of traditional Chinese medicine with warm water.

2, soup, water should be a plus.

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