Amber peanuts

This dish is dad often do we eat little snacks, original looking at simple, have knowledge greatly. If the master is bad, they became the icing peanuts or Fried peanuts, old Shanghai an egg dumpling, peanuts, one is the amber is my most beautiful memory of childhood. In fact, the duration of the Fried sugar is very important, Fried old paste, fry light is not crisp sweet, no amber. Its appearance is a light amber color, taste sweet, crisp sweet, is very popular a kind of peanut products. Learn this skill, amber peach kernel, amber cashew nuts can be like this operation, the supermarket sells are floating clouds.

  • peanut250 g
  • White sesame50 g
  • Cooking oil
  • salt
  • water
  • White granulated sugar


Wash and drain water will peanuts, keep skin clean


The pot to join a small amount of water, salt


In the white granulated sugar


First boil sugar, with a small fire


Look for the change, a big bubble,


Add peanut


Then or a small fire, fire,


Cook until sugar juice thick, covered in peanuts, boil sticky fill out again


Start with a small pot, white Fried sesame seeds, can be out of the pan, fry to yellowish don’t fry until golden brown, be sure to keep in mind


On a tablet touch or ready with plastic wrap, the other a pot add cold oil. Put the peanut in, small fire slowly fry, fry to peanut crisp fish out


Quickly put Fried peanuts in sesame seeds in a pot


Keep stir, let each peanuts covered with sesame seeds


Will mix on sesame peanut on the prepared tablet before, separate each grain of peanut with chopsticks, cool off


Outside the watch, there was a thin and beautiful candy shell, also can try to eat a peanut, crisp and sweet inside, ok

Cooking techniques

Temperature control is very important, don’t add too much sugar, observe the change of the ingredients.
Fried sesame, as far as possible with white pan, can grasp the unfinished, must be good Fried yellow, rather than gold.
Do a lot of time to use three
Can eat must be sealed box.
Add a little salt, will feel is sweet.

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