40 minutes to bake apple chips

Finish apple slices every time before, I said to myself: next time don't do it again! First, because it is time-consuming and practice on the network are 100 degrees bake for 2 hours. Second, it is not only time-consuming, and rarely make dosage and cut out a lot of an apple, but it will shrink after drying, and sometimes hard to avoid can some scorch, so spend 2 hours to do an apple, finished only a few. But I tested this approach, 40 minutes to make apple slices, and no bubble brine. Bubble salt water in order to avoid the apple color, I don't have bubble salt baked color also as beautiful. Welcome to add weibo @ Love - the sum

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Apple peel sheets, no shavings device available knife, but if too thick with his knife, and I will have time difference.


Emissions in baking online, in the preheated 180-200 degrees oven, bake for 10 minutes, put the baking net in order to better to evaporation. This is to pay attention to looking at apple, accidentally would be easy to black.


Apple slices surface evaporation, water will become wrinkled, narrow. The oven to 100-100 degrees bake for about 30 minutes from cool. Could turn baked at low temperature for drying apple internal moisture, too high temperature surface easy to zoom, singed apple slices is bitter, it doesn’t taste good. Pictured above is an apple.


Until the apple slices, fall from the baking net, can be replaced by baking, so convenient. If worry about apple stick baking nets or pan, midway apple slices can be opposite to bake.


How to judge apple slices have baked?
For apple slices in the oven temperature, even baked soft, crisp cool, if in the oven has hardened, it could be baked (brown) or coke. Baked apple slices deep yellow color than just cut out apple slices, take out a piece of cool, a few seconds to harden, is broken.
Pictures of these two pieces of bake apple slices, above the piece is a bit far, but not bitter, also can eat, cook that piece is just below, the color is yellow, and is not bubble brine is not black

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